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Blossom Bucket stocks seasonal blocks, chickens, roosters, sheep, farm animals of all types, primitive houses, roosters, and more!


Hope, Believe, Pray Sheep (Set of 3)
SKU: S_10421
This set of three black and white sheep read Hope, Pray, and Believe.
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I Love You Angel with Heart
SKU: S_10231
This sweet angel holds a blue heart, and reads "I love you with all my heart." A great gift for Valentine's Day, anniversary, or just because!
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I'm a Mummy Figurine
SKU: S_186-11737
This cute little mummy figurine is accented with a pair of pumpkins, and humorously reads: "You can't scare me, I'm a mummy!"
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Jack-o-Lanterns with Toothy Grins (Set of 3)
SKU: 116-85859
This is for a set of three Jack-o-Lanterns of graduated sizes, with black toothy grins! A Suzi Skoglund design.
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Jesus is the Reason Holy Family
SKU: 188-11965
This simple nativity set features Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in a creche, with two sheep. The snow reads: "Jesus is the reason for the season."
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Jesus is the Reason Snow Globe
SKU: S_198-12387
Perfect for a Christmas tiered tray display, this little snow globe features a mini holy family, with Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.
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Jesus Is The Reason Star Ornament
SKU: S_188-52037
This star ornament is accented with Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, and reads: "Jesus is the reason for the season."
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Jesus Is The Reason with Shepherd
SKU: 188-11997
This message star is accented with a shepherd, sheep, and manger with baby Jesus. Star reads: "Jesus is the reason for the season."
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Jeweled Shamrock Hat
SKU: 141-88446L

Jeweled Shamrock Hat, by Blossom Bucket. Sold individually, so choose your favorite! Left reads: It's easy being green. Middle reads: Patrick was a saint, I ain't. Right reads: May all your days be lucky. Each measures approx 3 inches. A Barbara Lloyd design. Resin.


John 6:35 Plaque with Dove
SKU: 1011-84332
John 6:35 Plaque with Dove by Blossom Bucket. Reads: Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. A Deb Strain design. Measures 4.00"L x 3.25"H. Resin.

Photo courtesy of Blossom Bucket.
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Joy Nativity Figurine
SKU: 178-11427
Set this little Joy word figurine on a shelf, mantel, or desk to invite the spirit of the season! Letters are ivory in color and accented with superfine glitter.
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Joy Plaque With Holy Family
SKU: 188-11966
Brown resin "joy" shelf sitter word, accented with a sweet and simple nativity.
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Joy to the World Sign
SKU: S_198-39478

Features snowflakes and white lettering against a slatted-style background.  Reads "Joy to the world."

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Joy with Snowman, Santa, & Penguin
SKU: 178-11191
A cheery penguin, santa, and reindeer hold "Joy" in candy cane striped letters!
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Let it Snow Snowman with Crate Hat
SKU: 188-11869
An adorable accent for all winter long, this snowman has a bucket of snowballs on his head, and a banner that reads "Let it snow."
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Let the Christmas Spirit Ring Sign
SKU: S_198-39420

This framed sign features canvas fabric with grain sack striping for a vintage look. Reads: "Merry Christmas."

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Like the Monster Plaque with Monster
SKU: 146-88600

Like the Monster Plaque with Monster, by Blossom Bucket. Designed by Barbara Lloyd. Reads: It's Halloween act like the monster you truly are. Measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Made of resin.

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Live Laugh Boo Ghost
SKU: S_176-11284
A halloween twist on "Live, Laugh, Love," this sweet little ghost says "boo" instead! A Suzi Skoglund design.
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Lord's Prayer Sampler
SKU: 101-43017
The Lord's Prayer stitched on homespun fabric framed behind glass in a rustic wood frame. A Barbara Lloyd design. Measures 16.5 x 13.75 inches.
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Love Bird on Block with Heart and Flower
SKU: 1212-87046
Love Bird on Block with Heart and Flower, a Barbara Lloyd design for Blossom Bucket. Measures 3.15 x 5 inches. Resin.
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Love Shelf Sitter with Paw
SKU: S_1811-12204
Perfect for a dog or cat lover, this little shelf sitter reads: "Love," with a paw print in the place of the O.
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Love/Meant to Be/Heart on Base
SKU: 1312-88438A
Love/Meant to Be/Heart on Base, a Barbara Lloyd design for Blossom Bucket. Sold individually - Choose the Left (Meant to be, you and me!), Middle (I love You), or Right (I Love us!) heart figure. Measures 3.25" Lx 3.75" H. Resin.

Luck of Irish Round Sign with Ribbon
SKU: 141-70642
Luck of the Irish round hanging sign is a great way to show your St. Patrick's Day spirit. Designed by Cindy Lowry and measures approx.
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Make My Heart Smile Friend Plaque
SKU: S_201-120740

Reads: "Friend - you make my heart smile" in pink and white engraved lettering on a round resin background, with 3D flower accent.

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Marshmallow Snowmen (Set of 3)
SKU: 188-11855
Tiny snowmen like stacked marshmallows! Sold as a set of 3 - one each of peace, joy, and love.
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Mary and Jesus with Sheep
SKU: 188-11892
This simple and sweet nativity features Mary praying over her little baby Jesus , with a trio of sheep looking on. Manger reads: "Love."
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Melting Snowman with Hat
SKU: 188-11907L1
This quirky snowman is half melted, but still full of cheer! Wears a winter hat, and features a snowy phrase." Choose the Left, Middle, or Right Snowman.

Merry Christmutts Dog
SKU: S_11386
Perfect for a dog lover, this colorful resin block features a dog accented with green bows and a santa hat, with a bone in it's mouth.
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Mini Basket of Gingerbread
SKU: 088-34602

Mini Basket of Gingerbread, by Blossom Bucket. A Barbara Lloyd design. Measures 3.25 inches. Made of resin.

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Mini Sheep
SKU: 073-2918
Mini Sheep, by Blossom Bucket. Sold individually. Sheep measure approximately 1 x 1 inch.
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Mini Woodland Animals (Set of 3)
SKU: S_11937
This set includes a white-spotted deer, a gray raccoon, and a brown squirrel holding an acorn.
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Miniature Log Cabin
SKU: 101-82017

This sweet little log cabin pairs nicely with our other resin lodge figurines for a mini display!

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Miniature Nativity Set (Set of 3)
SKU: 188-11999
This set includes aa Mary and Joseph praying over baby Jesus; A trio of Wise Men bearing their gifts for baby Jesus; a pair of shepherds with sheep.
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Miniature Owl Figurine
SKU: 126-86190P
Fun little purple and green owl figurine! Measures approx. 2.5 x 2.5 inches.
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Mom Angel with Flowers
SKU: S_10271
Angel holds a bouquet of flowers, and engraved on the front is "Mom - the one that does whatever it takes."
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Mom Angel with Flowers
SKU: S_183-11724

This little resin angel holds a jar of lavender, and reads: "Thanks Mom for helping me grow."

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Mom Angel with Heart
SKU: S_201-12064

This little resin angel holds a small heart, and reads: "Mom - for all you do many thanks to you!"

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Mom Flower Pot with Rock
SKU: 173-11210
Features a heart shaped rock that reads "You are loved deeply," accented with a pot of flowers and "mom" tag. Color palette is robin's egg blue, yellow, and gray.
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Mom Jar with Lavender
SKU: S_11809
This little resin jar of lavender reads: "Mom you mean the world to me."
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Monster Sibling Plaque
SKU: 136-87195B
Sold individually - Choose My Sister or My Brother is a Monster.