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Blossom Bucket

Blossom Bucket
Blossom Bucket stocks seasonal blocks, chickens, roosters, sheep, farm animals of all types, primitive houses, roosters, and more!


Wherever You Go Bicycle Shelf Sitter
SKU: S_39569

Shaped like a bicycle in vintage red with baskets of flowers.  Reads:  "Wherever you go, go with all your heart."

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Wicked Plaque with Witch Hat
SKU: 146-88605W
Great for a small halloween accent, this shelf sitter is accented with a witch hat, and reads: "Let's be wicked together."
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Winter Penguin
SKU: 188-11902L
This penguin figurine is dressed in a textured sweater, with scarf and hat, and features a winter greeting!

World's Best Dad
SKU: 103-82288
World's Best Dad, by Blossom Bucket. Great gift for Father's day! Reads: World's Best Dad. A Suzi Skoglund design. Measures approx 4.5 inches. Resin.
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You're Stuck With Me Heart with Cactus
SKU: 191-11720

Features a heart shaped rock, with a potted cactus. Colored a neutral beige, the piece features engraved lettering reading "You're stuck with me."

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Your Family Loves You More Plaque With Plant
SKU: S_201-12603

This resin embroidery hoop figurine reads "Your family loves you more than anything in the world."

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Your Way Back Home Bicycle Shelf Sitter
SKU: S_201-39564

Shaped like a bicycle in vintage blue with baskets of flowers.  Reads:  "Never forget your way back home."

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