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Chair Pads at The Weed Patch.  A large variety of country and primitive style cushion-style chair pads from Nancy's Nook, plus braided jute chair pads from India Home Fashions, Nancy's Nook, and Earth Rugs.  Choose from our country, cottage, primitive, lodge, floral, americana, plaid styles, and more!

Braided Chair Pads
Braided Chair Pads
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Chair Cushions
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Tea Cabin Patchwork Chair Pad
SKU: 8248
Best-selling Tea Cabin Collection features homespun plaids in forest-like greens, with some accents of barn red - This is for the Chair Pad, in the patchwork pattern.
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Thunderbird Braided Chair Pad
SKU: 49-CH459T
Thunderbird Braided Chair Pad, by Capitol Earth Rugs. Features stenciled image of a Thunderbird - a Native American spiritual symbol. Braiding is in ban, black and muted green.
Qty (from 2 to 18)
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Vintage Star Burgundy Braided Chair Pad
One of our most popular braided jute patterns, the Vintage Star Burgundy Chair Pad features braiding in classic country burgundy and tan.
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Woods Jute Chair Pads (Set of 4)
Woods Jute Chair Pads, by IHF. The Woods braided jute collection features a palette of greens, dijon, and natural tan. This is the Chair Pad, comes in a set of FOUR. Measures 15 inches in diameter, and has two sets of ties.
Qty (from 1 to 1)