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Santa & Elf Themed Decorations

Santa Clause and Elves at The Weed Patch, including ornaments, figurines, linens, and other decorations by The Hearthside Collection, VHC Brands, Blossom Bucket, Honey & Me, Primitives by Kathy, Hanna's Handiworks, and more! Country, primitive, folk art, contemporary and vintage are all here!


Santa with White Coat
SKU: FH101

Santa with White Coat, by Folk Heart. Handmade entirely from start to finish by American artist Randy Thomas. This is for the Santa with White Coat.  Holds a walking stick and red shoulder bag.  Stands 8.5 inches tall.  Sculpted of paper mache, hand-painted, signed by the artist. True American folk art!

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Santa's Goose Chase
SKU: ESC911037
A roly poly Santa riding an equally roly poly goose!
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Santa's List
SKU: ESC10609
Santa has made his list, and now is checking it twice! We love the detail in this figurine, from his wonderful outfit, to the eyeglass, to all the names on the list!
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Santa's List Notepad
SKU: S_50032
Complete with a "naughty" and "nice" checklist, there is a lot of fun to be had with this magnetic list pad!
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Small Vintage Santa Face
SKU: PBK7219
Small Vintage Santa Face, by Primitive by Kathy. An Annie Schickel design. Measures 6 inches. Made of resin and glitter, with metal hanger.
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Snow Shoe Santa
SKU: ESC11091
This whimsical Claus wearing snow shoes, with a pack of gifts on his back!
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Snowman Round Ornament
SKU: W2798SM

Snowman Round Ornament, by Kurt Adler. Framed round vintage-style image surrounded with and hanging from gold tinsel. this is for the Snowman Ornament, which reads "Happy Holidays." Measures approx 4.25 inches. Other styles also available!

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Snowman, Santa, or Reindeer Figure / Ornament
SKU: 44016SM
Stuffed mini figure in a woody brown and white color palette, with faux fir trim. Sanded so it will sit on it's own, but has a string for hanging as an ornament.

Sparkle Santa Arrow Replacement
SKU: B7390
Sparkle Santa Arrow Replacement, by K & K Interiors. For your Christmas decor, primitive Santa is covered in super sparkly glitter!
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St. Nick's Sweet Licks
SKU: ESC22124
This roly poly Santa has a darling green striped shirt, red pants, and long stocking cap, and clutches a red and white striped candy cane!
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Stocking Hanging Tray with Santa
SKU: 32000SA
Stocking Hanging Tray with Santa, by The Hearthside Collection. Painted and distressed hanging tray with painted stocking, evergreen tree, and belsnickle santa, against a black background with white snow polka dots. Rim is mustard, and there is a homespun fabric hanger. Measures approx 11 x 5 inches. As with all Hearthside signs, this is rustic and distressed, adding to the individual charm.
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Tall Santa with Switches and Bag
SKU: FH106

Tall Santa with Switches and Bag, by Folk Heart. Handmade entirely from start to finish by American artist Randy Thomas. This Santa is taller, standing at 12.5 inches.  He wears a red coat, holds a bundle of switches in one hand, and has a bag over his other shoulder.  Sculpted of paper mache, hand-painted, signed by the artist. True American folk art!

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SKU: ESC20903
Toymaker Santa wears a unique green and white outfit, and tries out a new puppet toy!
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Traditional German Belsnickle, Red (13 inch)
SKU: RHC8155
This old style Besnickle santa figurine holds a tiny goose-feather tree, and is dusted in a bit of red German glass glitter. This is for the Red belsnickle.
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Vintage Santa Ornament
SKU: LC0332W
Vintage Santa Ornament, by One Hundred 80 Degrees. 1950's style santa ornament! Sold individually from the 2 shown - Choose the Santa with the wreath (left) or Santa with the bag (right). Measures 7.5 inches. Made of resin and bottlebrush.

Warm Winter Wishes Red Truck
SKU: S_11861
A red pickup truck hauling a tiny snowman and a bottlebrush Christmas tree; reads "Warm winter wishes."
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Weston Button Santa Pillow (14x18)
SKU: 32980
The 14x18 Weston Button Santa Pillow brings tradition up to date. Front and center is Santa in various sized cherry red chalk buttons for a fun look.
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Whimsy Santa Window Decals
SKU: 690397

Whimsy Santa Window Decals, by Tag. Assorted plastic decals in festive Santa and gift designs! Removable and reusable - use them on windows, the fridge, candles, glass or ceramic pitchers, mugs, or vases...the options are endless! Printed w/lead-free ink. Packed with hole-punched header card for easy display. 8 x 11 inches sheet holds decals in place. Store on original backing to preserve cling. Clean surface before adhering. Dimensions vary per decal.

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White Christmas Wine Bottle Tag / Ornament
SKU: PBK22116
Use as a gift tag, a wine bottle hanger, or an ornament! Reads: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...but if the white runs out, I'll drink the red!
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Work Something Out Santa Plate
SKU: 31364W
A Barbara Lloyd Design. Reads: "Dear Santa: Can't we work something out?" Measures 9.5 inches.
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Workshop Santa
SKU: ESC11017
Santa is working hard building a train engine for some special kiddo! He wears a work apron and striped pants, and stands on a wrapped gift.
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New Arrivals

Santa Sacks, Large (Set of 3)
Added: 08-15-2019
SKU: S_30079967
Display these Santa sacks as part of your primitive Christmas decor, or use as gift wrap for large presents! Sold as a set of three.
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Santa Candy Mold Figurine
Added: 08-08-2019
SKU: S_30079924
Display this Santa-shaped reproduction vintage chocolate mold on a shelf or mantel to add a colonial Christmas look to your holiday decorating!
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Peppermint Candy Bundle
Added: 08-08-2019
SKU: S_ISB57673
>Helping to make your holidays full of sugar and spice and everything nice, this peppermint stick bundle will add primitive charm to any Christmas display!
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Santa's List Notepad
Added: 08-08-2019
SKU: S_50032
Complete with a "naughty" and "nice" checklist, there is a lot of fun to be had with this magnetic list pad!
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