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Top Hat Tree
SKU: ESC21802
Top Hat Tree, by ESC and Company. A wonderful accent to last all winter long, this black top hat is dusted with mica glitter and topped with a green feather-like tree. Measures 28 inches. Top hat made of paper pulp plaster.
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SKU: ESC20903
Toymaker Santa wears a unique green and white outfit, and tries out a new puppet toy!
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Trixie Witch
SKU: ESC10755
Trixie wears a witch hat covered in moons and stars, carries a black cat pumpkin candy bucket, and holds a smiling monster mask!
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Turk or Treat
SKU: ESC23938
Turk or Treat, a Lori Mitchell design for ESC and Company. Adorable turkey boy!
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Twist & Shout
SKU: ESC11077
Twist & Shout, a Lori Mitchell design for ESC and Company. Rock n roll, twist and shout all summer long with this sweet girl, adorably dressed in a stars and stripes dress, playing with a hula hoop!
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Uncle Doodle Dandy
SKU: ESC70060
Uncle Doodle Dandy, a Lori Mitchell design for ESC and Company. This impressive patriotic guy wears an elaborate stars and stripes outfit! He holds a flag and a firework.
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Veronica Love
SKU: ESC31007

Veronica Love, by ESC and Company. An authorized reproduction of artist Teena Flanner's original work. Stands 7.5 inches tall. A 2014 design. Made of paper pulp/plaster, paper, and glitter.

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Veronica Vampire
SKU: ESC11007
This darling vampire girl wears a super stylish dress in grey, red, and black, and carries a jack o'lantern candy bucket, ready for a night out!
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Vintage Chic Disc Ornament
SKU: ESC21167F
Vintage Chic Disc Ornament, by ESC and Company. Paper and glitter ornament featuring vintage-style image. Sold individually from the 6 designs shown in photo - Choose (clockwise from top left) the Crown/Fleur de Lis, Birdcage, Roses, Wreath, Crown, or Bird Ornament. A Heather Myers design. Measures 4 inches. Made of paper, ribbon, glitter, clear gems, and hanging clear "crystal."

Wedding Belle & Lucky Fella (Set of 2)
SKU: ESC35016
Add a touch of whimsical folk charm to your wedding with this darling bride and groom! Lucky Fella wears a black suit complete with top hat and cane. Wedding Belle has a gauze veil and holds a floral bouquet.
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Wicked Willow
SKU: ESC22115
Willow wears a tall black witch hat and has a tiny black cat painted on her dress.
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Wicked Witch
SKU: ESC23937
Wicked Witch, a Lori Mitchell design for ESC and Company. Part of the Wizard of Oz series, we have the wicked witch! Green skin and everything, she is adorable.
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Witch Hazel
SKU: ESC55112
This vintage style halloween black cat witch figurine wears a black and white dress, and holds a Trick or Treat banner made of orange glitter and gold stars.
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Witchy Hazel
SKU: ESC23871
Witchy Hazel, by Lori Mitchell for ESC and Company. This gal is all dolled up in her witch hat and ready to trick or treating!
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Workshop Santa
SKU: ESC11017
Santa is working hard building a train engine for some special kiddo! He wears a work apron and striped pants, and stands on a wrapped gift.
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