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Turk or Treat
SKU: S_ESC23938

Turk or Treat, a Lori Mitchell design for ESC and Company. Adorable turkey boy! Ready to ship in approx 2 weeks.

save 18%
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Twist & Shout
SKU: ESC11077

Twist & Shout, a Lori Mitchell design for ESC and Company. Rock n roll, twist and shout all summer long with this sweet girl, adorably dressed in a stars and stripes dress, playing with a hula hoop!

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Uncle Doodle Dandy
SKU: ESC70060

Uncle Doodle Dandy, a Lori Mitchell design for ESC and Company. This impressive patriotic guy wears an elaborate stars and stripes outfit!

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USA Girl
SKU: ESC13309

This fancy lady is wearing a fantastic star-studded red, white, and blue dress, perfect for her 4th of July party! 

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Valentine Delivery
SKU: ESC12297

This sweet delivery boy is ready with your valentine mail!  He wears an adorable red and pink mail carrier outfit, complete with XOXO hat.

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Veronica Love
SKU: ESC31007

Veronica Love, by ESC and Company. An authorized reproduction of artist Teena Flanner's original work. Stands 7.5 inches tall. A 2014 design. Made of paper pulp/plaster, paper, and glitter.

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Vintage Chic Disc Ornament
SKU: ESC21167F
Paper and glitter ornament featuring vintage-style image. Sold individually from the 6 designs shown in photo.

Voo Doo Sue
SKU: S_12275

Is she a creepy doll?  Victim of voo doo?  Either way, she's still cute with her red cheeks, heart shaped lips, and pig tails!  2020 release.  Ready to ship in approx 2 weeks.

Qty Out of stock
Wardy's Wagon
SKU: S_ESC11140

Wardy wears the cutest blue and white sailor outfit, large glasses, and bunny ears - he pulls a little red wagon!  Ready to ship in: Approx 2 weeks.

Qty Out of stock
Wicked Willow
SKU: S_ESC22115

Wicked Willow, by Lori Mitchell. Willow wears a tall black witch hat and has a tiny black cat painted on her dress. Ready to ship in approx 2 weeks.

save 20%
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Wicked Witch
SKU: ESC23937

Part of the Wizard of Oz series, we have the wicked witch!

save 21%
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Witchy Hazel
SKU: ESC23871
Witchy Hazel, by Lori Mitchell for ESC and Company. This gal is all dolled up in her witch hat and ready to trick or treating!
save 29%
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Yankee Doodle Boy
SKU: ESC13307

This fancy boy is wearing a fantastic Uncle Sam outfit, perfect for his 4th of July party!

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Yes Dear
SKU: ESC11058

This cute kiddo is dressed up in a conversation heart outfit! Heart is pink, he has a polka bow tie and top hat, and says what all the ladies love to hear: "Yes Dear."

Qty Out of stock
Young Washington
SKU: ESC14486

Wee Young Washington is a nod to colonial America, with his old style military uniform and Betsy Ross flag!

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