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Grass Mouse Ornament with Hat
SKU: N71096L

Grass Mouse Ornament with Hat, by Nutcracker Designs. Adorable mouse ornament made with natural grass and wood, topped with a mini fabric santa hat. Sold individually - choose the Mouse on the Left (more grey) or the Right (more brown). Measures approx 2.5 inches. Photo courtesy of Nutcracker Designs.


Green Frosted Glass Ornament
SKU: N25178B

Green Frosted Glass Ornament, by Nutcracker Designs. Lime/olive green glass with a frosted mercury finish. Sold individually - Choose the Ball (left), Drop (middle) or Onion (right) Ornament. Measures2.75-3.25 x 4-4.5 inches.


Silver and White Votive Scape Set
SKU: N41129
Silver and White Votive Scape Set, by Nutcracker Designs. Glass votive scape set, including frosted glass plate, feathered glass cups, and pinecone decor. Plate measures 14.25 x 7.5, with 4 assorted cup sizes.
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Silver Glass Pear Ornament
SKU: N19877-S
Silver Glass Pear Ornament, by Nutcracker Designs. Pear shaped ornament with a mercury-like finish. Measures 2.5 x 4.5 inches.
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