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Blossom Bucket stocks seasonal blocks, chickens, roosters, sheep, farm animals of all types, primitive houses, roosters, and more!


A Mother's Love Angel
SKU: S_181-11574
Angel holds a small pink heart, and wears a blue dress; Engraved on the front is "A mother's love is forever."
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Air Force Block with Girl
SKU: 114-89701

Air Force Block with Girl, by Blossom Bucket. Measures approx. 3 x 3.3 inches. A Suzi Skoglund design. Resin. A 2011 design. Photo courtesy of Blossom Bucket.

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All You Need Is Love Heart Figurine
SKU: 1312-88440N
This pretty pink heart is engraved with elegant "love" lettering, with a red heart layered in the front, accented with a jewel.
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Always Kiss Me Goodnight with House
SKU: 121-86160
Always Kiss Me Goodnight resin accent word, by Blossom Bucket. Artist Barbara Lloyd. Measures 5.75"L x 2.25"H. Resin.
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Americana Rooster
SKU: S_191-12270
This black and white rooster is perched atop a box decorated with a patriotic banner.
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Americana Sheep
SKU: S_191-12269
This black and white sheep wears an American-flag-inspired blanket.
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Another Day in Paradise Cabin
SKU: 131-87287

This adorable miniature cabin is accented with mini pine trees, and reads "Just another day in paradise!"  Great for a tiered tray display or shelf sitter.

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Antique Gold Star Ornament
SKU: S_01767
Perfect for country primitive style trees, for either fall or Christmas! Mustard gold resin star with curled metal hanging wire.
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Army Bead Block
SKU: 114-89706
Army Bead Block, by Blossom Bucket. Measures approx. 4.00 x 3.25 inches. A Suzi Skoglund design. Resin.
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Army Block with Girl
SKU: 114-89698

Army Block with Girl, by Blossom Bucket. Measures approx. 2.75 x 2.6 inches. A Suzi Skoglund design. Resin. A 2011 design. Photo courtesy of Blossom Bucket.

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Basket of Flags
SKU: 123-83796
Basket of Flags, by Blossom Bucket. Measures approx. 4.5 x 4.5 inches. A Deb Strain design. Resin. A 2012 design.

Photo courtesy of Blossom Bucket.
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Be Thankful with Pumpkin and Sunflowers
SKU: S_186-11793

This little pumpkin figurine is accented with a pitcher of sunflowers, and reads: "Be thankful.

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Believe Nativity Set
SKU: S_128-86089
One of our most popular designs for Christmas, this "believe" word set doubles as a miniature nativity seen! Interspersed in the letters are tiny nativity figures.
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Believe with Snowball Men
SKU: 188-11875

Red resin believe shelf sitter, accented with little snowball men and glittery star!

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Best Friend Sister Sheep
SKU: 1211-87586s
Best Friend Sister Sheep, by Blossom Bucket. This black and ivory sheep reads Best Friend Sister. A Barbara Lloyd design. Measures 3 x 3.25 (inches). Made of resin.
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Best Gift Christmas Angel
SKU: S_188-11992
This angel figurine holds a red wrapped present, and reads "Best Gift Ever...Jesus."
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Birthday Cupcake with Cherry
SKU: 121-84180C
Great for a little birthday accent, this cupcake miniature reads: "You're not over the hill...you're on top of it!"
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Black Sheep
SKU: 1011-83664
Black Sheep, by Blossom Bucket. This sweet little guy is the perfect addition to your farm animal collection! Measures approximately 1.5 x 3 inch. A Blossom Bucket Original design. Resin.
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Blue Retro Truck with Pumpkins
SKU: S_176-11478
A beloved country icon, the retro style pick up truck is a pretty blue color and is stacked with pumpkins for fall!
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Blue Vintage Truck with Flowers
SKU: S_191-12174
A pretty robin's egg blue color, the bed of this vintage truck is full of flowers in pin, yellow, and purple.
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Boo Block with Ghost & Pumpkin
SKU: 176-11350

This darling little "boo" block has a Jack o'Lantern for an "O," and is topped with a sweet ghost! A Barbara Lloyd design.

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Brown Dog & Pups on Rug
SKU: 101-82235
Brown Dog & Pups on Rug, by Blossom Bucket. This puppy family rests on a green rug. A Suzi Skoglund design. Measures 4 x 4.25 inches. Resin.
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Brown Pig and Piglet
SKU: 125-86369
Brown Pig and Piglet, by Blossom Bucket. A Betty Padden design. Stands about 2.5 inches tall. Made of resin.
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Buffalo Plaid Truck Shelf Sitter
SKU: S_198-39426

This truck shaped shelf sitter features a festive red and black buffalo check pattern, and a Christmas tree in the back!

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Bunnies Holding Flowers (Set of 2)
SKU: 191-12019
This set of two sweet bunnies hold armfuls of flowers - one pink, one blue. Perfect for displaying all spring long!
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Butcher Block with Ingredients
SKU: 113-85841

Butcher Block with Ingredients, by Blossom Bucket. A darling kitchen accent, this tiny butcher block is accented with a chicken, oil and vinegar bottles, produce, and more! A Dan DiPaolo design. Measures 4.5 x 2.5 inches. Resin.

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Cardinal Clip Ornaments (Set of 2)
SKU: S_52022
Sold as a set of two, these clip style ornaments are accented with red resin cardinals, perfect for country Christmas decorating or a winter display!
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Cat with Scarf and Hat
SKU: 188-11939G
Add a country kitty to your holiday decor this winter with one of these cats, dressed in a scarf and hat!

Chicks On Easter Eggs (Set of 2)
SKU: 191-12020
This set of two baby chicks wear oversized bows and rest on Easter eggs - one is pink, one is pastel blue.
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Chill Penguin on Ice
SKU: 188-11879
This penguin figurine is dressed in a scarf and hat, sits on a block of ice, and reads "Chill!"
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Christmas Cow, Pig, or Goat Ornament
SKU: 118-50797P
Christmas Cow, Pig, or Goat Ornament, by Blossom Bucket. A Barbara Lloyd design. Sold individually from the three shown - Choose the Goat, Cow, or Pig. Measures 2.75 x 2.5 inches. Made of resin.

Christmas Magic Hat
SKU: 118-89688H
Christmas Magic Hat, by Blossom Bucket. A Robin Davis design. Measures approx 2 inches. Made of resin.
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Christmas Nativity Figurine
SKU: 178-11430
Set this "Christmas" word figurine on a shelf, mantel, or desk to invite the spirit of the season! Letters are ivory in color and accented with superfine glitter.
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Christmas Trees with Lights (Set of 3)
SKU: 178-11301

Add to your Christmas miniature display with this set of evergreen trees, decked out with string lights!

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Christmas Truck with Snowman
SKU: 188-11862

A red pickup truck with a snowman in the driver's seat. There's a bottlebrush tree in the back, and on the side it reads: "I'll be home for Christmas."

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Count Blessings Pumpkin
SKU: S_187-11974
Resin pumpkin with a patch-like design that is engraved with the phrase, "Count Blessings."
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Cream & White Nativity Ornament
SKU: S_198-52041
Honor the holiness of the season with this sweet nativity ornament, featuring Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in neutral cream and whites.
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Cream & White Nativity Set (9 pieces)
SKU: S_198-12332
The perfect nativity for primitive decorating, this 9 piece set in cream and white will look great on your Christmas mantel or shelf.
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Cupcake on Clip
SKU: 128-50810
Cupcake on Clip, by Blossom Bucket. A Suzi Skoglund design. Darling resin cupcake attached or a mini clip, perfect for tabletop trees or a gift. Measures 2 x 1.5 inches. Made of resin.
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Dancing Snowman Clip Ornaments (Set of 3)
SKU: S_55084
This set of three clip style ornaments feature silly snowmen in colorful scarves in dancing poses.
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