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Dog & Cat Figurines & Dolls

Peg dolls, resin figurines, ceramic salt & pepper shakers, fabric stuffed dolls and more in cats and dogs themes!


Black Cat Salt & Pepper
SKU: 27-kitsch-471

Featuring a fun minimalist style, this cute cat combo is purr-fect for adding some personality to any dinner table or kitchen. Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.

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Brown Dog & Pups on Rug
SKU: 101-82235

Brown Dog & Pups on Rug, by Blossom Bucket. This puppy family rests on a green rug. A Suzi Skoglund design. Measures 4 x 4.25 inches. Resin.

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Brown Pup Figurine
SKU: OBS32351

This is for a sitting pooch, brown with black ears. Perfect for dog lovers!

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Bulldog in Sweater Porcelain Figurine

Bulldog in Sweater Porcelain Figurine, by the Abbott Collection. Darling collectible hand-painted porcelain black English bulldog figurine, wearing a tartan sweater. Measures 2.5 x 1.5 inches.

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Cat & Yarn Ball Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
SKU: 202026
Cat & Yarn Ball Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, by Tag. Adorable earthenware salt and pepper shaker set, shaped like a black cat and a ball of white yarn! Hand painted with embossed details. Part of the Meow & Woof Collection. Measures roughly 2.125 x 1.5 inches.
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Cat with Scarf and Hat
SKU: 188-11939G

Add a country kitty to your holiday decor this winter with one of these cats, dressed in a scarf and hat!


Cuddling Cat Salt & Pepper
SKU: 27-KITSCH-096

Made of ceramic, this charming feline couple makes a fetching addition to your dinner table, no matter what your decor. Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.

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Dachshunds in Hot Dogs Salt & Pepper
SKU: 27-KITSCH-755

Made of ceramic and decorated with ketchup and mustard, these dashing dogs are both fun and functional. Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.

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Dalmatian Peg Doll (or Ornament)
SKU: OBS26390

This is painted as a black and white dalmatian dog! Custom painted to order.


Dog Wearing Christmas Hat
SKU: 188-11400BL
Adorable pooch peeking out of a Christmas Santa hat! Choose the black, brown, or gray dog.

Love Shelf Sitter with Paw
SKU: S_1811-12204

Perfect for a dog or cat lover, this little shelf sitter reads: "Love," with a paw print in the place of the O.

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Playful Pup
SKU: 1111-84778E

Playful Pup, by Blossom Bucket. Adorable resin dog figure, by Shelly Comisky. Sold individually from the 8 designs shown - Choose your favorite! Measures an average of 2 inches. Resin.


Pug Salt & Pepper
SKU: 27-KITSCH-291

This adorable pug salt and pepper set makes a great gift for dog lovers and pug owners alike. Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.

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Sitting Black Cat Figurine
SKU: OBS32350
This is for sweet little sitting black kitty cat, with grey cheeks and pink nose!
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Waving Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker
This set is fashioned after the waving cat symbol, a common Japanese lucky talisman. Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.
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White Kitty Cat Girl Peg Doll (or Ornament)
SKU: OBS26079

This sweet Kitty Cat Girl wears a peach colored dress with a border of grey polka dots, and is accented with a white kitty face. Custom painted to order.