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Braided Dog Bone Rugs

Braided Dog Bone Rugs, by Capitol Earth Rugs. 100% dyed and braided jute in the shape of a whimsical dog bone! Also, dog themed oval rugs and accessories too, all in 100% natural jute fiber!


Wipe Your Paws Braided Jute Rug
SKU: 65-081WYP

Wipe Your Paws Braided Jute Rug, by Capitol Earth Rugs.  Features stenciled designs of dog bones and puppy paw prints, and "Wipe your paws," with braiding in mainly red, black, tan and sage green.  Design by Phyllis Stevens.  Measures approx 20 x 30 inches.  Jute is a natural fiber, considered to be a sustainable, environmentally friendly material. Water repellant, safe to put near a fireplace, spot clean with soap and water (or dry clean). As with all dyed jute products, take care to use a pad or otherwise protect items used with them, as colorfastness can be an issue.

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