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Everyday Lori Mitchell Figurines

Everyday Lori Mitchell Figurines - hobbies, jobs, life events, storybook characters, and more to celebrate everyday life! We have bakers, graduates, a tooth fairy, themed angels, a nurse, and more!


Angel of Home
SKU: S_ESC11108

This sweet angel girl presides over the home, wearing a simple ivory gown and golden halo, holding in her arms a lovely and warm house, complete with a tiny wreath on it's tiny door!  Ready to ship in: Approx 2 weeks.

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Baby New Year
SKU: ESC11101

Baby New Year wears the classic new year's diaper, and stands atop a party ball - he also wears a top hat, a Happy New Year banner, and holds a party horn!

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Billy Baker
SKU: S_ESC11141

Dressed her official white and blue plaid chef's uniform, Billy showcases her latest baking adventure, a beautifully decorated cake!  Ready to ship in: Approx 2 weeks.

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Choo Choo Magoo
SKU: S_ESC22119

Choo Choo wears green striped jammies and holds a treasured red engine!  Ready to ship in: Approx 2 weeks.

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Gone Fishin'
SKU: ESC11079

Gone Fishin', by Lori Mitchell for ESC and Company - Sitting on the dock, this fishing boy is festively dressed in a patriotic stars and stripes outfit - so cute for summer!

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Gulliver's Travels
SKU: ESC11131

Caught up in a fairytale adventure, this adorable mouse rides along in his teacup boat, using a silver spoon as an oar!

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Johnny Law
SKU: ESC22792

Johnny Law, by Lori Mitchell. For that police worker in your life, this darling trick or treater is dressed in uniform, but ready for candy with a Jack o'Lantern bucket!

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Kat's Cats
SKU: ESC14479

This cat-loving girl wears a yellow striped dress, and is joined by three different kitties - a black and white tuxedo, an orange striped, and a multicolor calico!

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Lil Ninja
SKU: S_ESC11082

Lil Devil, by Lori Mitchell. This sweet little martial arts expert is dressed all in black, trimmed in red, with weapons and candy bucket ready!  Ready to ship in approx 2 weeks.

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Little Bumblebee
SKU: ESC11137

This little kiddo is dressed in a darling bumblebee outfit, complete with yellow and black stripes, white wings, curly cap, and little antennae, and holds a red flower.

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Little Ladybug
SKU: ESC11130

This little kiddo is dressed in a darling ladybug outfit, complete with red and black polka dots, tiny little antennae, and little white flower.

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Mary Quite Contrary
SKU: S_ESC11147

Part of the Storybook Collection, this sweet girl is Mary Quite Contrary, watering her garden with a red watering can.  Ready to ship in: Approx 2 weeks.

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Our Hero
SKU: S_ESC11006

Our favorite little boy superhero, in all-american red and blue, with striped stocks, adorable curl, and jack o'lantern candy bucket!  Ready to ship in:  approx 2 weeks.

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Queen For a Day
SKU: S_ESC11025

Celebrating a special day with glittered crown, this girl wears a white and yellow dress, with pink sash and pastel polka dots, and she holds a sweet cupcake treat!  Ready to ship in:  approx 2 weeks.

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Stuart's Sailboat
SKU: ESC12286

Dressed in a simple suit of patriotic or nautical colors, Stuart is barefoot, ready to wade in the water with his toy sail boat!

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