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Lamp Shades, Lamps, Bulbs

We carry the complete line of country, primitive, and vintage style lamp shades made by Raghu, in all sizes - most styles come in 6 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch, plus some 14 inch, 16 inch, as well as drum shades in 10 inch, 14 inch, and 16 inch. We keep some stock on hand, but most are special ordered, which allows us to offer you Raghu's complete collection. Please allow approx 3 weeks for special order items to arrive to us before shipping out to you!

Also, an assortment of silicone dipped candle light bulbs, lamps, torpedo bulbs, LED candles and branches, night lights, and anything else we might have that lights up!

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Bella Trace Lamp Shade - 10 inch
SKU: HCR_0R970031

The Bella Trace Collection features a classic burlap-like woven cotton fabric in a natural wheat color. This is for the 10 inch shade.

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Bella Trace Red Stripe Lamp Shade - 10 inch Drum
SKU: HCR_0D108017
Features a woven cotton burlap fabric with stenciled red striping. This is for the 10 inch Drum Lamp Shade.
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Brossac Round Lamp
SKU: 7022673
Brossac Round Lamp, by Light & Living. This shabby chic style lamp is made of carved, painted, and distressed white in an antique white. Measures 14 inches tall, and 5 inches wide at the base. Use with a clip-on style shade, or a ring clip (shades that have a washer ring that rests atop the top socket of the lamp, and the black screw-on piece secures the shade).
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Candlewicking Cream Lamp Shade - 10 inch
SKU: 0R430005

The Candlewicking Cream Collection features cream-on-cream embroidered floral and leaf design. This is for the 10 inch shade (12 inch shown in photo).

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Casual Classics Wheat Lamp Shade - 12 inch
SKU: 111-77BT
Simple woven cotton fabric lampshade in a wheat color. This is for the 12 inch size (bottom diameter measurement). Attaches via washer at the top, to a harp-and-finial-style lamp.
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Covington Lamp Base - Nutmeg
SKU: HCR_180018
Covington Lamp Base, by Raghu. Made of wood with a painted and purposefully distressed finish. This is for the NUTMEG lamp, which is a honey-colored tan. Measures 16 inches tall from base to the top of the socket (harp adds another 6 inches, so total height of lamp is 22 inches). Measures 5 inches wide at base. Has a harp for a washer-style shade, but harp can be removed to reduce height and/or use with a clip-on bulb. Shades sold separately - we recommend a 14 or 16 inch size.
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Ellie Rose Lamp Shade - Drum
SKU: HCR_4D5805
Ellie Rose Lamp Shade, by Raghu. The Ellie Rose Collection features a pretty, shabby-chic style cotton fabric with a peony rose in pinks and sage green leaves against a cream colored background. This is for the 14 inch DRUM-style shade. Measures 12 inches across the top, 14 inches across the bottom, and 9.25 inches high. Attaches via washer top to a harp-style lamp.
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Farm House Solid BUTTERMILK Lamp Shade - 12 inch
SKU: 2R140019

The Farm House Solid Buttermilk Collection features a versatile solid cream/buttermilk colored cotton fabric.  This is for the 12 inch shade.

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Mallard Nightlight
SKU: 24-033
Mallard Nightlight, by Park Designs. This night features frosted glass window and metal flying mallard duck shape. Measures 5 1/4" H x 4" W x 2" D (inches). Includes the light bulb (5 watt). Other colors and styles available!
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Mason Jar Lamp - Quart
SKU: CTW812095

Add a bit of warm and subtle lighting to any room of the house with this vintage style mason jar glass lamp! This is for the quart size, our most popular.

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Newbury Red Gingham Lamp Shade - 12 inch
SKU: HCR_2R670017

The Newbury Red Gingham Collection features a mini-check pattern of barn red and cream. This is for the 12 inch shade.

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Sea Lantern Lamp
SKU: 25-294

Sea Lantern Lamp, by Park Designs. Inspired by antiques and finishes, this lamp features bubbled glass for an aged look. Measures 9.5 x 5.5 inches. Use with our decorative silicone bulbs for the best effect (sold separately).

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Telescope Lamp Base
SKU: 25-148
Telescope Lamp, by Park Designs. Telescoping table lamp made of metal with a rustic, brown "burl" finish. Adjustable from 25 inches to 28 inches. Measures 5.75 inch in diameter at the base. Lamp has a harp and finial for attaching to washer ring style lamp shades, but harp can be removed to use with clip-on-the-light-bulb style shades. Lamp shades sold separately (12-14 inch shade recommended).
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Three Wharf Poles Lamp
SKU: 50930
Three Wharf Poles Lamp, by Accents Lamps. Perfect accent lamp for your beach or nautical-themed room! Features a trio of wharf poles reproduced in resin. Lamp can be used with a washer-style shade, or you can remove the finial and metal harp, and use a regular bulb-clip-style shade. Measures 22 inches tall from bottom to top of finial (measures 15 inches tall to top of socket with harp removed).
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Wellington Spindle Accent Metal Lamp - Black
SKU: ML200011

Wellington Spindle Accent Metal Lamp, by Raghu. This is for the BLACK lamp on the left (lamp only - shade sold separately). Measures 6 inches tall to top of lamp socket, 4 inches wide at base.

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White Pleated Lamp Shade with Pearls - 12 inch
SKU: 2030110

White Pleated Lamp Shade with Pearls, by Light & Living. White fabric shade, with small pleated tucks and accented with mini pearls. Measurements: 8 inches in diameter at the top, 12 inches in diameter at the bottom, and 7 inches high. Attaches via washer ring that rests atop the top socket of the lamp, and the light bulb screws in over the ring.

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Willow Twig LED Wreath/Ring
SKU: PBK18274
Willow Twig LED Wreath/Ring, by Primitives by Kathy. Do you have a wreath that you want to add some lights to? This will do the trick! This ring is made of wrapped branches dotted with tiny LED lights! Simply attach to the back of your chosen wreath or ring using twist ties, wire, or string, then move and pose the light-tipped branches through your wreath. Ring size of this wreath is about 6 inches, and there are 24 lights. Battery operated (batteries not included). Other styles of LED twigs also available!
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