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Lemon Decor & Gifts

Lemon decorations and gifts, perfect for a lemon themed kitchen, lemon party, lemonade stand, or anyone that loves the sunny happy look of the that tart and tangy citrus fruit!


Allover Lemons Tea Towel
SKU: 56-kt-dn-12
Part of the Davina Nathan Design collection, this 100% cotton tea towel features a striking pattern of vivid lemons. Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.
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Citralicious Triple Server
SKU: 469841

Citralicious Triple Server, by Grasslands Road.  Part of the Citralicious Collection, this stoneware server features a lime, lemon, and orange with light testuring.  Microwave & dishwasher safe, oven safe up to 350 degree.  Measures 14.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches.

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Citrus Kitchen Paper Cocktail Napkins
SKU: 490320
Citrus Kitchen Paper Cocktail Napkins, by Tag. Printed with fruit and leaf design. Part of the Citrus Kitchen Collection. Measures 9.875 inches square. 3-ply paper. printed with water-based inks. 20 napkins per package. Other collection items also available!
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Glazed Lemon Cookies Scented Wax Crumbles
SKU: MH_gLcr

The Glazed Lemon Cookies wax potpourri smells like tangy lemon cookies with a sugary white glaze.  Ready to Ship in: 1-2 weeks.

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Happy Lemon Hand Painted Pocket Rock
SKU: OBS34377
Features a bright and happy kawaii art style painting of a lemon - complete with smile and rosy cheeks!
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Happy Lemon Wood Slice Ornament
SKU: OBS33228

Features a happy little kawaii-style lemon, with a bright pink background.  Includes personalization on the back, and gift box!


Lemon Bowl Cocktail Napkin
SKU: C476100
Features a reproduced watercolor image of lemons. This is for the Paper Napkins in the Cocktail Size.
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Lemon Salt & Pepper Shaker
Full of kitchsy charm, this lemon shaped salt and pepper set features a magnetic insert that holds them together.
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Lemon Shaped Juicer
SKU: T451258

Old fashioned stoneware citrus reamer in the shape of a lemon, a sunny accent to any kitchen!

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Lemon Sugar Soap
SKU: S_M241
Handmade with goat's milk, this lemon peel infused soap is great for supporting a healthy completion.
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Lemon Swedish Dish Cloths (Set of 2)
SKU: S_84-ASD-AB-12

An environmentally friendly choice, these Swedish dish cloths feature cheerful artwork of lemons. 100% biodegradable. Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.

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Lemonade Tea Towels (Set of 3)
SKU: S_8fa1079

Featuring mouth puckering lemon artwork, these towels read "Lemon time," "All you need is lemonade," and "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.

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Lemons and Olives Paper Cocktail Napkins
SKU: 490333

Cocktail-sized design of yellow lemons, and olive branches in purples and sage green.

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Lemons Bistro Apron
SKU: 56-apron-ab

This stylish cotton bistro-style apron features a bold and bright lemon pattern that’s perfect for spring or summer.  Ready to ship in: 2 weeks.

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Lemons Braided Tablemat - Round (10 inch)
SKU: 80-502L
Add instant color and personality to your home with our braided 10 inch tablemats, with stenciled folk art in the center. This one features a bright and cheery bunch of lemons and leaves.
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Retro Jade Citrus Juicer Set
SKU: MH_G803
Juice lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit with the citrus reamer lid, which fits on top of the measuring cup. Looks just like the depression era glass collectibles! Special order.
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