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Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs - silicone dipped, scented, colored, seasonal, flickering, and more styles of light bulbs! We also have torpedo bulbs for wax potpourri warmers.


Valentine Silicone Light Bulb
SKU: S_0140215
Dipped in translucent, matte red silicone, and hand painted with white heart and XO decals, and lightly glittered for a subtle sparkle.
Qty (from 1 to 18)
Vintage Edison Light Bulb
SKU: CTW364160
Finish off a vintage, steampunk, or industrial style lamp with one of our reproduction Edison light bulbs! This bulb is the classic antique style shape with an interesting, tangled filament.
Qty (from 1 to 12)
Warm Candle Glow Bulb - 4 watt
SKU: S_0001

This 4 watt candle glow bulb is coated with a cream color silicone and gives off a warm glow.

Qty (from 1 to 95)
Witch Silicone Light Bulb
SKU: S_0141032

Features a two-color black and bright green dip with a mesh hat brim, a pointy nose, and hand-painted details.

Qty (from 1 to 100)

New Arrivals

Snowflake Silicone Light Bulb
Added: 10-01-2019
SKU: S_14412

Dipped in translucent ivory silicone, with painted snowflakes and a dusting of sparkling crystal glitter.

Qty (from 2 to 18)
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